Monday, August 21, 2006

Dance fighting


Today is the one week anniversary of the big move. I can't decide if I feel like I've been here a week or a year. I've been so busy with job interviews and getting the apartment together, there hasn't been time for much else.

Well, that's not exactly true. On Friday night, roomies Erin and Alexis and I went out for a fun night in the Bowery area...we took the cab ride of death and were lucky to arrive alive... At a little dive place called Phebe', we perched ourselves (all Gators - Erin, Alexis, Ben, Lisa and Brooke) in the front window and were treated to a real NYC spectacle - dance fighting. Maybe you've never heard of dance fighting. Two skinny little Hispanic fellows got into an argument and began to bow up. Boy, were they mad. Of course we gawked at this, hoping to see some serious and painful blows... But then the dance fighting began. These goons were not punching each other. They were practically snapping their fingers to the non-existant sounds of West Side Story, air-punching each other in the air-face, the air-arm and the air-stomach. Add in a few randomly placed side-kicks for good measure, and you'll get a good visual of the goofiest and least effective throw-down in Manhattan history. The wimps continued this frantic dance fight down the block until they were out of sight. My roomies and I have been acting out this intriguing behavior ever since.

After the fight, we moved to Martignelli's, a frat-tastic place... where we danced to such popular hits as "Steal My Sunshine" by Len and "Come on Eileen." It was actually entertaining once we started interpretive dancing... Then our Danish building-mates showed up and I learned how to pronounce Ramgaard... it's not ram-guard... it's ram-go. Did you know that?

Okay, so that was Friday... Saturday is another heinous story in itself....

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Anonymous said...

This dance fight paragraph proves that you are destined to write a stellar, yet sarcastic, novel of someone's life adventures. Angelene, you have promise.