Friday, August 18, 2006

From the Big Peach to the Big Apple

Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been such a punk and impossible to reach -- I just can't seem to stay in touch with everyone when I have a messy apartment! I still need a dresser, desk and bookcase... but I do have a bed and sheets are on the way. But that's the least exciting part about moving...

The good news is I'M A NEW YORKER! Sort of. When I'm walking around the city, I feel like I have this big secret that no one knows... like I don't actually belong here and I'm just a Southern girl pretending to be a New Yorker. I actually had a guy tell me last night to "lose the accent." WTF?!

So, on Monday when I moved up, Erin and I made a beeline for Bed, Bath and Beyond and took about an hour and half to pick out towels and a bath mat. You can understand now why I am stressing so much about getting the apartment together. Every little detail is a discussion and a huge ordeal...for all of us. This weekend we're having an Apt. 1E meeting and figuring out just what we're going to do with this place. It's soooo cute and has a lot of potential, but it is going to take a lot of planning and CASH.

On the way home from B, B and Beyond, our cab driver screamed at us "NO STANDING! GET IN THE CAR! HURRY UP!" So I was a little concerned about the cab drivers... all this yelling is not cool! But we made it home and that was it for Monday.

On Tuesday, my roommates Kelly, Erin and I were standing on the sidewalk catching up after a long day of interviews, work and whatever.... So Kelly is demonstrating how she "kicked" her visitors out of the house that morning... Well, to demonstrate the kick, she side-Ninja-kicked the air... except it wasn't air. It was a dude! And she totally nailed him. We were shocked into silence... but then laughter ensued. (It was similar to when the Bolivian lady walked into the glass door.)

On Wednesday, I saw two mailmen fighting over the same mail route. Some words used in the altercation: "I'm going to cut you." "I f'ing hate your guts." "I want you to die." "I'm going to kill you." Seriously? It's a mail route.

I've had lots of job interviews so far and still have more to go. Not sure where I'll end up... but money talks :)

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