Monday, August 28, 2006

High kicks

On Saturday night, Alexis and I wanted to get out of the apartment and make some new friends... we met up with a childhood friend of hers at Social, and then decided to hang out with our building-mate and favorite Dane, Niels, a few blocks away. Well, Niels had told us earlier that he'd be at this place... Baboon 52 or something...

Upon our arrival at Baboon 52, we were greeted by a gaggle of guys saying "Oh my gosh, girl, you are so fabulous!" and "I love the sparkles on your shirt!" The flattery was nice, I'm not going to lie. But considering none of these boys were actually interested in me or anyone of my gender, I didn't really know what to do with the attention.

John Vincent and Warren and our other new friends really wanted to dance with us. But I've never seen such flailing. It was one time I wish I'd had a video camera, because words can not begin to describe the hilarity of the dance moves. I couldn't keep up. And to be honest, I feared getting whacked in the head with a spastic runaway limb. Or worse, by one of Warren's ridiculous high kicks. Do you know anyone who does high kicks while dancing to Madonna tunes at a bar? I mean, besides Madonna? High kicks. Like, hey, I'm a Radio City Rockette on break here at Baboon 52... just practicing. Except not.

I wanted to say, "You're a man! You are not Madonna." But I didn't want to crush his dreams.

Anyways, the wiggling and jiggling and interpretive dancing continued... but since I didn't want to get kicked in the face, I ended up sitting in a safe zone with Niels as he regaled me with tales of his home country... Have you ever seen Perfect Strangers? Remember Balkey Bartokomus? That's our Niels. He wants me to come visit his island in the Baltic Sea in October... I'm tempted, because you all know how I will go ANYWHERE! He is also trying to recruit me to do PR for the island... but I just can't for under a million. Sorry, Niels.

In other minutiae, I went to see "Little Miss Sunshine" last night. I thought it was a great movie, not for everyone... It was hilarious but also had some really sad and moving parts. A great commentary on family... no matter how weird or dysfunctional, they're all you've got!

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