Thursday, August 24, 2006

Livin' the Dream

Hey Everyone!

Not much new here in the Big Apple... still interviewing like a fiend. Just got a great pedicure down the street for only $20 -- even had a nice little shoulder rub at the end. It rained today and my hair is afro puffed... wonder how it's going to look once it starts snowing and slushing and whatnot. Poodle-esque?

Great news... the mouse from yesterday had a little brother, who was equally cute but not as smart. Alexis continued to flail in fright, and I captured him in our little mouse box that we will forever save for mouse-catching purposes. The super came (wow, I have a super!!) and I guess did some sort of rodent control. It's a fitting welcome to New York, I guess. It just wouldn't be Manhattan without critters...

Those of you that know me well know one thing: I love fried chicken. I have become the object of a bit of scorn because the other day, on the way back from an interview, I was strolling down 34th St. right in front of Macy's and across from the Empire State building... well, I was getting a little rumbly in my tummy... starving as usual... and lo and behold what did the good Lord above put right in front of me? Popeye's Chicken! I was so excited to eat fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy that I burned my tongue on the hot, greasy and delightful food. And you'll never believe it, but the clientele at said Popeye's was not exactly... classy. Who would've thought?

So... another thing. If there are any boys within about 100 miles of this tropical island reading my blog, could you come over and just hang out in our apartment? This is one massive estrogen-fest and it's not something I'm used to. Girls girls girls all the time... just come over and talk in a deep voice and I think it would mellow out the "feelings fiesta" that we are forever having. I do love this new little family we have established! In the evenings, we've taken to singing musicals together while Kelly builds furniture, Alexis and Erin perpetually clean the floors, walls, windows and I make pancakes with my awesome griddle (thanks, Monga!). Kelly will do anything for pancakes.

Quote for the day:
"I want a g** d*** street f****** named after me!"
--Some random non-famous schmuck walking down W. 51st and yelling into his cell phone


Anonymous said...

Hey...I have a solution for your last paragraph. Just hurry up and find a high paying job...or take up a life of crime on the mean streets of NYC (you could probably be pretty good at mugging because you would catch them by surprise...they would never see it comin', then BANG their hard earned money is gone), and purchase me a round trip ticket from Memphis to NYC and back and we'll have a good ol' time together, F-L-A style.

Big Apple Angie said...

Hey Wezby!
I don't know how good of a mugger I'd be... come visit anytime!!