Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Our pets' heads are falling off!"

In other words, when it rains, it pours.

Erin has mono, and suddenly, I'm not feeling so hot myself. Could be because I shared a bed with her the past 10 days while we waited on my bedding to arrive. We knew she was sick when she spilled a little water on the floor and didn't freak out. That is just unlike her. When I used to come up here to visit her, she would clean up my mess before I had the chance to make it. So that was a good indicator that things weren't quite right in her head. Please say a prayer for me that I don't get sick... I am starting a new job on Sept. 5 and doubt my new employer will appreciate me taking ample sick leave before I even get started!

Which reminds me, I received two job offers on Friday!!! I expect to get one more on Monday, and then I'll make a decision. Both were for good money at great PR agencies... so I am looking forward to comparing/contrasting, making some pro/con lists and deciding early next week. Hallelujah!

In a related story, Alexis got a job, too! And Erin's job at HBO has turned into a staff position! And Kelly is doing set design for an upcoming play and working the VMAs!

My bed exploded last night. Ok, it didn't explode exactly... I was chillin' out, maxin' and relaxin' all cool, when Kelly came in and jumped in next to me. Apparently the $9.97 bed risers I purchased at Home Depot were made for one person, not two. Because BOOM! The bed leg went right through one plastic riser, and before I could even register what was happening, BOOM! Another one more or less exploded everywhere. Then I walked about three miles to Home Depot today to get my $9.97 back. I'm so unbelievably cheap.

We bought every type of mouse repellant they sold at the store. We have traps, stuff with glue... I mean everything. I feel terribly though, because I really like the mice. They're so cute and it's not their fault they were born here and not in a field somewhere. I will be very sad if there is a dead mouse around here... God knows I will be the one who has to dispose of it.

Oy ve!

"I can't believe it! We've got no food, we've got no jobs, our pets heads are falling off!"
Dumb and Dumber


Anonymous said...

"Both were for good money"

That's good, then you just gotta save up some money to pay for a plane ticket and then I can come visit. lol.

Killing Mice...what's wrong with you??? did those mice ever hurt you???

Anonymous said...

I have written the note and I'm loading the my brightly colored room with the sun shining through my bare, blind-less window.