Monday, August 21, 2006

What are your needs?

On Saturday, Alexis, Erin and I set out on an epic adventure. We had to find a couch, a hutch, a tv stand and a million personal items for our rooms. We had a plan... and it was a great plan. BUT unfortunately, Home Depot sucked us in and didn't let us out until we'd spent $300 and 3 horrendously long hours contemplating our needs in shelving, lighting and mirrors.

As we pondered every possible configuration of wall mirrors for the living room, every potential usage of the tv stand and the bar hutch... Other Home Depot customers began to interject their opinions... it looked like we were trying to devise Homeland Security tactics but we were just trying to choose shoe racks. How many times did we utter, "What are your needs?" when trying to figure out which shoe rack was better? Three shelves or two? What is the average thickness of your high heels? Will this fit in your closet? How do you feel about wire vs. plastic shelves? I shut down mentally and never did buy a shoe rack.

It seemed like every decision we made was immediately followed by, "Oh but what if we used canvas bins for storage instead?" or "Should we paint the wall instead of purchasing a large painting?" Add all of this to "Who is paying for everything?" and you can see why everyone in Home Depot was giving us shifty glances. It didn't help that we three were sprawled on the floor in the wall hangings section, analyzing various mirrors placed in different ways... and we had three carts so full of goodies that we couldn't see to steer. And any time we did come to a decision, like what size dowels we needed or if we should purchase the tv stand before we measured the length of the DVD player, we high-fived, squealed and said "We are like, so awesome!"

I make it sound horrific, because in many ways it was... BUT we were very productive and our NEEDS will be met beautifully. We found a couch, and after much discussion, sitting on it, bouncing on it, arguments on function vs. size -- we came to a decision and bought one. It's coming Wednesday! YAY!

Quote of the day:
"I'm so scared and cold!" Alexis, for reasons unknown, upon exiting Home Depot

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That was some good pizza.