Friday, September 1, 2006

100 Easy Ways to Lose a Man

As I sit here listening to Kelly's musical mix on iTunes, I heard this song from the musical "Wonderful Town." It made me laugh because I'm like this...

Excerpt from "100 Easy Ways to Lose a Man"

You've found your perfect mate and it's been love from the start,
He whispers, "You're the one to WHO I give my heart."
Don't say, "I love you, too, my dear, let's never never part."

Just say, “I’m afraid you’ve made a grammatical error,
It’s not ‘To who I give my heart,’ it's ‘To whom I give my heart’
You see, with the use of the preposition ‘to,’ ‘who’ becomes the indirect object,
making the use of ‘whom’ imperative which
I can easily show you by drawing a simple chart”

That's a fine way to lose a man.
Just be more well-informed than he.

**Note to self: Don't point out grammatical errors to boys if possible.


Anonymous said...

Lame. I know the reason you can't find a decent boy in this city:

A. You just moved here.
B. You're fabulous.
C. Boys are intimidated by fabulous females. (especially ones with 9 perfect accents.)

Anonymous said...

I have to're just too perfect. :)