Monday, September 11, 2006


I hope I never have to write about something so serious as 9/11.

In this great place, it seems like a long-ago nightmare that something like that could have even happened. I'm sure for those who lived here, who lived it in person, it is still as real as ever.

Five years ago, I all but wrote off my rarely mentioned dream of moving to NYC. After all, I was going to get married and live somewhere boring and do any old job and probably a lot of Voldemort's laundry… At the time, 9/11 was an unspoken confirmation that the dream of moving here would never, ever come true. I couldn't have imagined that just five short years down the road, I would be here, NYC would be okay and so would I.

Where were you when it happened? And where did you think we would be in five years?

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