Thursday, September 7, 2006

Celebrities really are good looking... dang

On my way home from work today, I passed a large crowd assembling outside Radio City... nosy as I am, I walked around trying to figure out what the fuss was about. Seems that Fashion Week is starting here in the Big Apple, and thus, VH1 Fashion Rocks was taping its show at RC tonight! So I went into robot-celebrity-stalker mode and I thought to myself... celebrities are on the move, get into position! And then I found myself standing, like all the other gawking tourist idiots, directly in front of the limo drop-zone at the foot of the red carpet. I had no clue what to expect... so when the Black Eyed Peas were the first famous folks to emerge, sparkling and fabulous, from their black limo, I was like, "Fergie! Aaaaaaaaaaah!" And then it only got better from there....Here's the list (that I wrote down as celebs appeared) and commentary.

Black Eyed Peas: Fergie looked very pretty. Especially nice to see her since Kelly and I downloaded the opening credits to "Kids Incorporated" the other night and laughed for quite a long time at Fergie's expense... remember her in that awful show? Anybody out there born in the 80s?

Nelly Furtado: She looked sparkly... nothing too surprising about her.

Tommy Hilfiger: Why are designers so terribly average looking? He was with some ex-model-looking chick in a pretty but ill-fitting pink gown.

Drea DiMatteo from the Sopranos: She was quite beautiful and one of the nicer celebs... she waved and seemed gracious.

Jay from America's Next Top Model: Totally looks the same as on TV... he was hosting for the Style network.

Eva Mendez: Stunning... can't even remember her dress she was just SO pretty.

Seth Green: How 'bout no, Scott? Mwahahaa... Okay, sorry, Austin Powers flashback.

Zack Braff: He was so cool, totally hip... had a HOT Rachel Bilson on his arm sporting an adorable bob haircut... and he's the one person I have in my MySpace friends that isn't a true friend, but now that we've been on the same street at the same time... we're practically BFF.

Mischa Barton: I'm pretty sure her bedazzled frock weighed more than she did. Eat something. Please.

Jimmy Fallon: By far the nicest guy of the night. Got out of his limo, danced around, said hello to the nameless and the faceless (of which I am a part.)

Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons: First, I thought they were separated? Second, she is a tall drink of water and so very beautiful. She glowed. I must get a stylist at once. Russell was just Russell.

The Pussycat Dolls: I was right! They are glorified, rich strippers! The funny thing is, they all piled out of this ginormous conversion van, remember the precursor to the minivan? Like a bunch of hooched-out clowns, they kept on coming, one by skanky one... double-sided taped though they were, I still felt the need to avert my eyes... I would be lying if I said they were wearing full dresses... but I guess that's their schtick. Chief Pussycat was very pretty, and being the only member of the group with talent, she got to sit in the front seat. The redheaded one was frightening. Cake makeup like nobody's business.

Petra Nemcova: Sans current beau James Blunt, Tsunami-survivor Petra was lovely, and seemed like she might be a nice person in real life, too.

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora: First, Denise was probably the skinniest person I saw tonight, other than Mischa Barton. And she was ever-loving gorgeous... beautiful blue-ish dress, long blonde hair... she was breathtaking. Second, how is that fair? She has two kids and she stole her BFF's husband... hello, Karma? Golden rule, are you still there? She should be a fat cow by now and poor and miserable...

Jon Bon Jovi: The secret true love of my mother.... not so secret, eh ma? She's had a huge crush on "Jon Baby" for as long as I can remember, and before all the celebs arrived I called to tell her where I was. She says, "Well, call me if Jon Baby shows up." And then he did... I was like, "Mama, Jon Baby is standing four feet in front of me!" She wasn't nearly excited enough. I would have liked her to jump around, faint and need resuscitation... or something.

Other celebs of interest:
Dennis Leary
TRL Host - Damien?
Finola Hughes
America's Next Top Model Winner - can't remember her name
Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill
Natasha Bedingfield
Donna Karan
Numerous nameless models

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I would only need CPR if he was 4 feet in front of ME !