Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear Big Apple Angie: Part 1

Dear Big Apple Angie:

Why do people get scared when they finally have someone in their life that cares about them?

Scared in Fl

Dear Scared in Fl,

Thanks for being the first to ask a question. Here's what I think: first, let's just assume you're a girl. You'd have to be... a dude would totally never ask that kind of sensitive question. Because most of them are idiots.

Anyways, back to the question: people get scared because they've been hurt before. After suffering through a bad breakup or years worth of pointless relationships, why would anyone subject themselves to the possibility of dealing with it all over again? That's like running into the same sliding glass door twice in a row. Wham! You learn your lesson the first time.

So you're in a new relationship and you think you may really like this new fella. All I can say is, don't bring your leftover baggage with you. Give him time to prove that he's not like the last few rejects you deigned to smooch. Every guy deserves a chance... but only one chance. The minute that sucka so much as glances at another chica, or talks back to you, or ticks you off in any way... give him the boot. As Fergie says, you don't want no drama.

There's a delicate balance between trusting someone and being careful with your feelings. Give him a chance but don't trust him until he earns it!



Anonymous said...

WoW!! Thanks so much. You had lots of good points.

Scared in Fl

Anonymous said...

Dear Big Apple Angie -
Why do guys rely on texting/IMing/Facebook messaging girls instead of picking up the freaking phone and calling??
Tired of Technology in Tulsa