Friday, September 1, 2006

GIVING the most out of life

Hey y'all!

I've got outstanding news! I accepted a job at Weber Shandwick! I'm thrilled to join the team beginning next Tuesday! It's been great to have a bit of a break in between jobs... just enough time to get settled and get bored enough to be ready to work again. I'll be working in Weber's travel practice on fabulous clients... so just ask if you really want to know anything about it. I'm going to make it a policy of the Big Apple Angie Blog not to talk about work...

Now... down to some serious business. How am I going to stay nice in New York? All the yelling, the confrontation and the anger is making me feel a bit on edge -- ok, that's a lie. My roommates will tell you I am A LOT on edge. I'm going to either need sedatives to cope... or I'm going to have to turn into a raving freak like everyone else. Cabbies yell at me, random ladies in line for theatre tickets yell at me... it's as though no matter what you do, people automatically assume that you're out to get them. I'm not trying to skip people in line or steal anyone else's cab... I'm just livin' the dream and it appears that everybody else is living in some crazy nightmare. What if the South wears off of me? What if the Manhattan indifference creeps in and takes over? I stepped over a bum sprawled on the sidewalk the other day. For all I know, he could have been dead. I didn't know what else to do. Would I have done that in Atlanta? Am I becoming so calloused already that I stepped over a person and didn't try to help? He's someone's child, maybe someone's father... how did he get to the point where he was passed out in the middle of the day on the sidewalk in Midtown? I thought about it for a long time... in fact, I'm still thinking about it.

Which brings me to another thought...I read a great devotional the other day from the Purpose Driven Life... about GIVING the most out of life, instead of GETTING the most out of life. It was about how the whole point of life is that it's not about me... it's about helping others. It sounds trite, but it's so true. I am the happiest when I'm in Bolivia, doing construction work for a church of amazing, kind, faithful Christians in Santa Cruz. It definitely isn't because I like to do construction... in fact, I'm sitting here writing as roomie Kelly constructs MY dresser... I'm just genuinely joyful when my efforts help someone else.

Okay, so back to the point. If I try to make this day better for someone else... then it will naturally be better for me. It takes effort, and it will always be a struggle to put other people first, especially in this ME FIRST city. How many times have I heard "watch out for yourself and no one else" since I got here? Everyone is just trying to get by... and I feel that way all the time. But if I'm just treading water and worrying about myself, then I'm missing the point. Jesus was never selfish... he always put others first... including bums! That's what we're all here for...

Ok going to find somewhere to volunteer now :)


Anonymous said...

You are just too sweet of a person! Just come home to visit often and you won't loose that Southern Charm. :)

Oh, and I'd love to hear more about your job. I'm very excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Don't let the NY thing get you down, it's a great city and the people are too, mostly. If you come west like say the Buffalo area, let us know. Woodmere is always open to visitors and the Falls are spectacular. J&R at Woodmere