Thursday, September 7, 2006

Who Could Ask For Anything More?

Central Park is my favorite place in the city right now. Last Sunday, I awoke to sunlight peaking through my new curtains and since it was the first non-wretched day in about two weeks, I got dressed and hauled myself to the park for a leisurely day of loafing about. Even though I’ve been to NYC numerous times, I’d never actually been to the park… and I’m so glad I finally went! I spent the entire intoxicatingly beautiful day there… it was one of those few perfect days of the year where the air and the trees and the sun fill you up and make you feel like everything is going to be wonderful for the rest of your life.

My preconceived notion of the park was that it was quite a large, open field area with some trees and benches. I thought I might be a bit bored so I brought my current must-read, “Wicked,” my iPod with downloaded sermons from North Point (my church in Atlanta) and the Bible so I could catch up on the reading I haven’t quite been sticking to.

While I did manage to read some of both books and listen to a sermon, I was almost too overcome with excitement to sit still … around every curve in the path was a new wonder… a big honking rock formation (Geology Rocks!) … beautiful sculptures and statues… talented New Orleans-y musicians…the stunning New York skyline peeking through the full green trees… violinists… massive ornate fountains…and my favorite – the boathouse and accompanying lake with its charming little rowboats, friendly waterfowl and a delightful hot dog vendor. I perched myself on top of a small rock overlooking the lake and read for the longest time… then I realized that sitting on a rock kinda hurts your rump, so I walked down another path until I found a cozy bench on an even bigger lake… and I read for hours! After being constantly surrounded by people for the past three weeks, I was ready for some solitary park lounging… and it was heavenly. Who could ask for anything more?

So back to the real world: I came home and showered and met Jamie at Gallery Church… a place she really likes and I did, too. Lots of Atlantans and southerners from various locales… Any other Manhattanites out there reading this that want to come to church with me this weekend… drop me an email at one of my three accounts, or call me on my cell, or text me, or MySpace me or Facebook me…

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