Friday, October 13, 2006

Chomp Chomp

As you may know, the Florida Gators recently assumed the No. 2 NCAA football ranking in the country. Perched here atop the SEC, it’s a choice view. Kentucky, Bama, LSU and Tennessee are seething in anger, writhing in angst, gagging on their utter disbelief. It’s WICKED AWESOME. I’m just sayin’, it’s good to be No. 1 in the SEC!

Last Saturday, we Gators gathered at our hallowed NYC hangout – the Gin Mill. It’s the most fun you can have outside of the Swamp on game day. The orange-and-blue clad crowd was totally wired, Erin and I scored front row seats (a virtual impossibility) and Jorel, a pal from way back in the day, was there to share the fun and his calamari. Starting at 3 p.m. and ending at 3 a.m., it was a raucous night to say the least.

Mr. Bigg’s karaoke bar was the unlucky recipient of our post-Gator vs. LSU victory absurdity… I significantly butchered my signature tune “Downtown” by Petula Clark, Scott belted out “LA Woman,” and Erin soulfully sang duet “Someone please call 911” with karaoke leader Brandon. Not our worst showing, nor our best. I give it a 5 out of 10.

All I know is that I’ve been thinking about football all week and pondering a few things.

1) Tim Tebow is the man, but I’m still in love with Chris Leak and I want my future husband to win the Heisman. What a predicament.

2) I don’t want to make any premature predictions, but the Gators are poised to take two National Championships in a year. I will shout my love for them from the rooftops if that happens. I will paint a mural of my undying dedication to the team on some city wall. I will get a tattoo. (I tried to convince everyone at the Gin Mill that we should all get tattoos to commemorate the stomping of LSU – strangely, no one jumped on that bandwagon.)

3) I want to go to grad school at UF… so I can get tickets to the games for cheap again. Did I ever take that for granted!

4) Is it civilized behavior to Gator-chomp coworkers? Or Bible study members?

All you Gators put your game faces on for Saturday… what’s a War Eagle anyways???


Anonymous said...

GO GATORS!!! I hope you are loving it up there! I may be coming in February for Westminster, so you'll have to show me around :)

Michelle said...

Umm, just to inform you, yes it is inappropriate to "gator-chomp" bible study members AND "war eagle" is not a noun, therefore, it cannot be a thing. It is an adjective, describing an action (example: you did well on a test...WAR EAGLE! OR you just beat the number 2 team in the country and surpassed them in the BCS...WAR EAGLE!) Love you darlin' see you on Wed :) Michelle