Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Dear Big Apple Angie, Part 3

Dear Big Apple Angie,

What's a girl to do if the guy she wants to be with forever isn't working now? And the guy she's with now won't work forever?


May be a commitment-phobe

Dear May be a commitment-phobe,

Never settle for less than exactly what you want.

Let me be clear: I'm not saying you should wait around all your life for Matthew McConaughey to arrive on your doorstep bearing flowers and flashing that toothy, dimply, studly grin of his. ::SWOON:: I'm talking about "dealbreakers." We all have a list of them, whether it's hidden away in a dark corner of our psyche or typed out neatly in a list for easy reference. With the dealbreaker list, there's no room for wishy-washy, middle-of-the-road, excuse-making on behalf of Mr. Right Now. He either is exactly what you want, or he isn't.

If he isn't, what the heck are you doing with him?! I know everyone has a different perspective on dating... but to that I say, what's the big rush to find "someone?" Where's the fire? I don't think "The One" is someone you'll find on a quest. "The One" is not the Holy Grail, he's just a dude.

In regards to the guy who might be the one but isn't working out right must ask yourself, do you even want to find "The One" right now? Do you have time in your life for commitment? Are you the least bit interested or do you just think you're interested because you don't have it right now but once you do have it you will hate it all over again and become a total commitment-phobe and declare singehood and girl power forever (shout out: Spice Girls!) until a few weeks down the road when you're lonely and need some MAN-tention and suddenly you remember that commitment is exactly what you always wanted and the cycle continues forever and ever and ever.... until you're actually ready to settle down.

Rule #76: No Excuses: Play like a champion! If you leave out the play like a champion part... my point is clear. Don't make excuses for a guy just because he might be ok. Mediocrity is not an option! You have one life to live... and supposedly, one person to marry... don't waste it on somebody who is just okay!

Never settle for less than exactly what you want.

Big Apple Angie

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