Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to Apt 1E!

I’m wedged here in the middle of birthday celebrations in Apt. 1E. Yesterday, Kelly and Alexis turned 25 and 24 respectively, and Erin joins the 24-year-old club tomorrow. Kelly’s awesome mom cooked chicken pot pies for us last night –YUM. It was a wonder to see her creating culinary delights in our underutilized kitchen. Who knew our oven could produce flaky golden crusts of perfection! And as if dinner wasn’t enough, she also baked a cherry pie and cookies, which we added to the mini-pies Alexis brought home, the choco/white cake Kelly brought home and the delish ginormous cupcakes Erin and I got for the birthday girls.

Our fridge has never seen so much food. It’s happy right now.

Tonight I’m headed to the Poconos with some gator pals… it’s about time for some much needed fresh air and peace and quiet. I pray that I don’t have cell phone reception – that will be awesome. See y’all Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Big Apple Angie,
What do you do when you know a boyfriend is cheating on his girlfriend? Do you tell or just not say anything?

Confused in Fl