Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Secret Show in NYC

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Okay, Manhattanites, get out your ripped up rock-and-roll T-shirts and tease your hair... I just found out Middleburg's hometown rockstars the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus(including high school chums Duke & Ronnie) will be playing a secret show Thursday night in NYC... I'm so there! Who wants to join me in a little Thursday-night head-banging? (We're taping Grey's!)

Details to follow...

Check out RJA's debut video on this site:

Red Jumpsuit @ Total Assault

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Anonymous said...

Angie - I have really enjoyed reading your Blog! It gives all of us a great laugh/comic relief during the day! Glad to hear you are enjoying life in NYC!

Take care,
Annie Haas