Wednesday, October 4, 2006

West Side Story

Last week, on a crispy, clear fall night, Alexis and I were fortunate to catch an impromptu showing of West Side Story (the musical movie classic.) It was playing in a park just one street over from our apartment... I'm not sure who put the event on, but tons of our neighbors were there sitting on the basketball court with picnic dinners and cozy blankets... We all watched together as Maria twirled around the sewing shop singing "I feel pretty, oh so pretty!" Alexis and I could barely contain our giggles as the Sharks and the Jets snapped, popped-and-locked, and jazz-handed their way into stabbing someone... (reference Aug. blog entitled: Dance Fighting)... I'm just saying, people don't usually get stabbed at dance recitals.

Seriously, I had never seen the movie before, but felt very blessed to be sitting smack in the center of Hell's Kitchen, where West Side Story was based. Also very blessed that the "sharks" and the "jets" of the present day West Side get along much better now!

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Jamie said...

SO fun! I love West Side Story...I was in the musical in high school. ;) What a fun night!