Tuesday, November 7, 2006

No Re-do Required

The Invite
Skate Rental at Bryant Park... $8.75
Dinner and games at Dave & Buster's... $25
Movie ticket to Borat... $10.75
Karaoke… Free
Feeling like a kid on Angie's 25th birthday..... Priceless

Last Saturday, my charming and undeniably attractive friends gathered to celebrate my quarter-century birthday (a little early.) The marathon party (12 glorious hours!!!) was broken into four distinct activities, that way those who weren’t Olympic quality ice skaters (like myself) could still enjoy a hysterical movie or sing a rousing rendition of “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch.”

Did I mention how good I am at ice skating? Yes, I was the only one of the group to eat it… twice. But that’s because I was taking risks… death spiral spins, triple toe loops and even – the Pamchenko. Just kidding. Actually, I tripped on Erin’s skate… she managed to stay upright as I sprawled face-first into the ice. Whatev, at least I looked the part. As tradition dictates, every time I go ice skating I purchase some sort of sparkly/flowy ensemble reminiscent of my idol, Ukrainian gold medalist Oksana Bayul… this time it was a cute little red number.

{I've got a picture but can't get it to upload... stay tuned}

We left the rink and in anticipation of birthday party round 2 - skeeball competition, I forgot my purse in the park!… and I didn’t realize the oversight until it until we already had walked to Dave and Buster’s! Erin and I sprinted (she was in heels!) back to BP – where miraculously, my purse and its many lip glosses remained undisturbed! A true birthday gift from NYC!

Borat was insane. Don’t see it if you’re under 18, are sensitive to male nudity or are offended by anything ever. Because it was redonkulous. Hysterical, yes, but utterly and grossly inappropriate for 90% of the population... of Earth.

Finally, we made it to our karaoke haven, met up with some additional party-goers and launched into some good and some bad songs. Highlights (and lowlights) include:

1. Jamie and I singing “Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About” – the highlight was when we sang the “they think we’re lovers” lyric and realized what that must look like!
2. Johnny Wisconsin belting out “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch” with all the conviction of the Temptations themselves.
3. Here’s a low -- me singing “Downtown” by Petula Clark… again. Should have gone with Patsy Cline.
4. Scott sang his usual “L.A. Woman,” but with a twist. He had some crazy backup dancers who I think maybe are in the chorus for The Lion King… never seen moves like that…

I am so thankful for the wonderful friends I have here in New York City. Before I moved, I wondered if I’d be able to find a fun group of pals here, and I certainly have. Anyone who can humor my ADD and hang out with me for a 12-hour birthday party is an answer to prayer. Anyone who can mingle, sing and clap along with a bunch of kooky strangers at a karaoke bar is my kind of amigo. It’s the first birthday I’ve had in YEARS that didn’t require a re-do because it was a suckfest. Thanks, y’all!!!

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Jamie said...

So glad I could be a part of the No Re-do Required 25th bday! Love you Ang! :)