Thursday, November 30, 2006

What happened to November?

November has come and gone… and it was a whirlwind! Starting with my marathon birthday party in NYC, traversing the East Coast down to Key West and the Bahamas on my lovely cruise and spending an absolutely wonderful time with my brother on Thanksgiving… I don't know that it could have been any better.

Here's a quick recap of the cruise and the Manhattan Thanksgiving o' fun.

We boarded the Carnival Celebration on my birthday and started our much-needed five days of sunshine, snorkeling and sleeping! The weather was a balmy 75 degrees once we left the port in Jacksonville, and I needed to thaw out a bit from the NYC chill. Though I shared an impossibly teensy cabin with mom, dad, brother and sister, we had a hysterical time together - as expected. Alex and I participated in the Lido Deck limbo contest, which was filmed by the Carnival folks for posterity. We also played the "toss-the-water-balloon-across-the-pool-game," and gained fame throughout the ship as "those people from Middleburg." Together with Sexy Craig the cruise director, Alex lead a group of sexy white-haired ladies through a very rousing, and very strange, "happy dance" from the pool deck. RaeRae and I successfully stalked her shipboard crush, Johnny from Virginia. We snorkeled in the Bahamas, hot-tubbed, stayed out late, had sunrise breakfasts on the deck, danced with our waiters, napped a lot, ate a whole lot, gambled (some more than others!)… we just had fun. Even though we had our rough moments, and I'm not just talking about the seas, the cruise turned out to be a family memory I won't ever forget.

Now, given all the fun we had on the cruise, I dare say Alex and Allison's trip to NYC was even better, though certainly colder and sans limbo contests. We spent a 36 degree, rainy Thanksgiving morning watching the Macy's Parade in person from start to finish. It was surprisingly wonderful! We watched Ronald McDonald, Garfield and the Energizer Bunny float by in all their closer-than-usual-to-the-ground splendor. Float celebs included Julie Andrews, Gloria Estefan and Ciara, but Barry Manilow's float was unmanned! That schmuck didn't get on his float until the cameras were rolling. After the parade, we went home and cooked a delish meal. In true Orth style, we smushed all the food together… mashed potatoes, mexicorn, gravy, turkey…sooooo good. And then we karaoked for about four hours before passing out.

To be continued…

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