Friday, December 22, 2006

5 Reasons Why I Love My Company (a.k.a. my favorite things)

1. I'm consistently well fed. (food!)
2. The gals from my department donned elf hats and went ice skating after our holiday luncheon. (ice skating!)
3. There was karaoke at the holiday party, and people were into it! (karaoke!)
4. Sparkly glitter snowflake "tattoos" (glitter!)
5. Holiday gift: posh manicures and a bottle of bubbly! (spa services!)

I knew I belonged at Weber when I walked into our holiday party and saw the karaoke machine. I thought to myself, "Self, you're home, with your own kind!" And even though in some instances it might be frowned upon to sing, dance and be asinine at a company party, that was not the case last night. I had no idea I worked with such entertaining people! They really let loose - even management! I sang my perpetual favorite "I Love Rock n' Roll" with coworker Borris… even our boss took a turn as Danny Zuko and sang "Summer Lovin'." And they played the Spanish version of Shakira's "Whenever, Wherever," so I got to share my Spanish proficiency and my belly dancing expertise, which aren't normally used concomitantly. How practical.

The fete was held at Aspen, a ski-lodge-esque restaurant with tasteful glass deer heads on the walls, delectable bison burgers and the hottest bartender I've ever seen in my quarter century on this planet. Ever-loving hot. Hot with a searing, white-hot intensity. So hot that I gushed to my boss about how hot he was. And I sent my mom his photo this morning. And now I'm blogging about him. Oh, the hotness. The.ever.loving.hotness.

Wednesday was the travel team holiday luncheon, held at the Canada Celsius lounge in Bryant Park. After splitting three entrees and chocolate fondue with coworker Toler, we took our elf hats (with our names elegantly spelled out across the front) and skated for a couple of hours. My noteworthy talents on the ice shocked my counterparts from the North, who were significantly less adept at the sport. I just told them it's nothing to be ashamed of, as I channeled my inner Oksana Bayul.

Welp, I'm off to Florida in about eight hours… looking forward to thawing out, seeing family and old friends and driving to Target!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun, festive holiday party! Are you in NY yet? Give me a ring if you're around for New Year's.