Thursday, December 14, 2006

Celeb sightings, week of 12/11

I was having lunch at the usual place right near my office on Wednesday, when Tom Brokaw sidled up next to me! The virtual grandfather of America himself! I am so freaked out that I eat lunch at the same place as Tom Brokaw. I feel like I should have had a salad or something instead of grilled cheese… like maybe he was thinking, “Tsk tsk, little girl. Did you know that 96% of Americans today are obese because they eat grilled cheese sandwiches?” Also seen yesterday… Today Show financial contributor Jean Chatsky. You may not know who that is, but my mom did. We like her easy-to-understand investment tips!

So today, I was walking to the chiropractor on my lunch break and I saw Bebe Neuwirth in front of the Chicago Theater! You know, she was the scary, bitter ex-wife in Frasier and Cheers?! And she’s one of the best Velma Kellys ever to play the character.

You’d think I’d be happy that I’ve had so many sightings in one week. I was, until I found out that a pal from church actually got to hang out in the Good Morning America greenroom with not one, but TWO, of my top 5 celebs the other day. Not only did she get to see Matthew McConaughey and stand in his white-hot, tanned and muscle-licious presence, but she also got to meet my favorite celebrity of all time, the stylishly weird and vocally adventurous Ms. Gwen Stefani. And to rub salt in my gaping and painful wound, she got to play with baby Kingston – one of the most adorable tots in Hollywood, and offspring of hot dad Gavin Rossdale. I kid you not. That’s my dream day of celebrities. She probably had dinner with Britney and Brad P. later that night but kept it a secret so I didn’t lose my mind and run into traffic. Yeah, so I get Tom Brokaw and Bebe Neuwirth, she gets Gwen and Matt. Is there no justice in this world?

Fun quote of the day, from guy on the street screaming at cab driver:
“Is that your paper towel you just threw on the street? Only a**holes throw s*** on the street! Only a**holes throw s*** on the street! Only a**holes throw s*** on the street!”

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