Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Gators & Gwyneth!

Hi everyone! It's been a wild couple of days since my last post! I've been in almost non-stop client meetings since Monday... and they continue until mid-day Wednesday. It's been great meeting with my entire work team as well as the client team from Atlanta... smart people and smart thinking! But anyway, that's not even what I'm so excited about!

The Gators are going to the BCS Championship game!!! We're giving it the old "college try" to get to Arizona for the game on Jan. 8. Chances of scoring tickets are one-in-a-bazillion, so we may just fly out there and sit at a bar with everyone else who couldn't get tickets. But isn't that what it's all about?! Gator Nation! If you know of any way to get tickets or hotel rooms or spa treatments in Arizona, shoot me an email! Keep in mind... I'm still getting that tattoo if we win...

So, last night, I was dining with clients and colleagues at trendy Greenwich Village restaurant, Public. Featured on the Australasian fusion menu were tasty scallops, lentil salad and kangaroo. Crikey! As we were leaving the marathon nosh, we gathered our coats and were mingling in the foyer... and who should stroll through the midst of us little people, but Chris Martin from Coldplay!!! WTF! Utter excitement and sheer celebrity brainwave loss shot through our group as we gaped and gawked... locating Chris' wife Gwyneth Paltrow in the private dining room. I was googly eyed with celebrity psychosis. Oh, New York! This was a bonafide, A-list celeb sighting... none of this Cybill Shephard, Alf's dad, Barry Manilow crap that I've been used to lately. I've been giddy for 24 straight hours! It could also be the lack of sleep from two full days of client strategy sessions, but who can keep score at a time like this?

Vivan los famosos!

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