Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hitting the high notes

So much has been happening lately that I’ve barely had time to process! Since the kids left after Thanksgiving, life in the big city has been a whirlwind of Broadway shows, holiday parties and football dreams come true!

I’ll start by saying it doesn’t look like I’m going to make it to Arizona for the BCS Championship. Yes, I want to go more than anything. No, I don’t think spending $500+ on a ticket is a smart investment or a wise way to spend the money God’s given me. But if somebody hooks me up with a ticket for cheaper than that, I’m so there. I had the opportunity to get some tickets from a Bull Gator, but when I weighed the pros and cons… it just didn’t add up. Boohoo. I’m bummed, but I will get over it in 5 – 10 years.

On to things that make me happy: Broadway shows! Kelly hooked us up with 2nd row seats to opening night of Annie, starring Kathy Lee Gifford (who was great as Ms. Hannigan!) and the cutest cast of little orphans ever. Frank Gifford was sitting two rows behind us with their kids… though I wasn’t googly eyed, at least it was a celebrity sighting of some sort! Kelly also scored us tickets to the one and only late night party I’ve ever been to where there were child actresses running around. The kids were cute, but so trained. I tried to talk to one of them, but she just said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and looked really frightened. Whatev. In the cab on the way home with Erin and Kelly, we annoyed the driver by belting out “Empty belly life, rotten smelly life, full of sorrow life, no tomorrow life!” Kelly solo: “Santa Claus we never see.” All: “Santa Claus, what’s that? Who’s he?” And then of course, the driver joined in when we started singing tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow. Just kidding. Cabbies are wacky, but they don’t sing in English. Thanks for another outstanding hookup, Kelly!

Annie was just the beginning in a weekend fraught with song. On Saturday, Erin and I hosted a “classy” Christmas fete for our small group and some of the guys from church. Apparently, guys aren’t down with “I’m too sexy for my shirt” karaoke and catwalk twirling, because they departed soon after devouring the sausage balls and chocolate covered strawberries. That just made more room in the kitchen for rousing renditions of “Living on a prayer,” “Take me out tonight” from Rent and several selections from the Dixie Chicks. With 9 girls jumping up and down, interpretive dancing and singing/yelling, we’re lucky the cops didn’t come. I love my small group! Whether we’re at church, chillin’ at Starbucks on Wednesday nights or rocking out to Bon Jovi, we always have fun. I’m so blessed to have them!

Sunday morning rolled around and we thought we’d physically misplaced one of the girls who had slept over. Her shoes were there, her phone was there, but she was nowhere to be found in the apartment. At least, that’s what Erin and Alexis said. We spent at least an hour agonizing over where she could have gone. The doors were all chained, so how could she have escaped? We assumed that our guest had left the not-so-cozy sofa bed for the warmth of Kelly’s room (Kelly was gone of course.) But we knew that once Kelly returned to find a stranger in her bed, there would be fireworks. However, it turns out, Erin and Alexis just didn’t see our guest on the sofa bed because she’s so tiny, and I never went downstairs to verify the disappearance. She was there all along. Thank goodness. Kelly’s brains would have shot out her nose in fury.

So that’s a gross and irrelevant image. Anyways, Sunday night, a whole gaggle of the karaoke singers were scheduled to sing in the choir at church… except I’d gone a bit hoarse following the night’s festivities. The performance went off without a hitch though, and the crowd seemed pretty happy with the singing. I think. I couldn’t really see because the stage lights were bright, but I assume since no one ran out screaming with their ears covered, it was good.

Thus concluded an exhausting weekend of Broadway, karaoke and choir… whew!!!

Quote of the night:
“Hi, I’m Angie. You may remember me from such musicals as Pish, Posh and Pffft.”

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Anonymous said...

PISH POSH and PFFFFT That still frickin cracks me up! OH MY GOODNESS OHHHH MY GOODNESS! HAHAHA!!