Monday, January 8, 2007

FBI says Gas Leak Not Terrorism

If this isn't a good reason to leave work I don't know what is... Honestly, I'm too distracted about the Gators playing in the BCS Title Game today to pay attention to this gas drama anymore. Apparently, it's not terrorism, whew, so I'm just gonna go about my day!

From various sources:
"Pignataro advised people in the area to close their windows and to turn off their heating and ventilation systems."

"Homeland Security Dept. says no indication of terrorism in NYC gas odor."

"An NYPD official tells CBS 2 that Con Edison says there is no drop in gas pressure in the city, and there are no 911 calls reporting gas leaks in the city.

The source also says that various NYPD environmental readings around the city have found "nothing hazardous." There have been "no increase in 911 calls of people feeling sick, just many calls from people reporting the smell."

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