Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Frozen Eyeballs

My trainer beat the daylights out of me again. I specifically told her to go easy on me because I had a Milky Way and chips and dip for breakfast that day and was going on only three hours of sleep, but she apparently thought it was Opposite Day. We both laughed at how I passed out on the floor the last time. I just know she tells that story when she’s with her other in-shape trainer friends, sipping Special K protein water at the baked organic tofu restaurant. Aside: Erin and I were watching TV in her room last night when a commercial for Special K water came on. And we both audibly scoffed at it...I think I even spit a little. Mmm, protein water. That is surely more satisfying than fried chicken. Not.

I leave for Atlanta business trip #2 Wednesday afternoon and will get back Thursday late. Mark my words, I will eat at Chick-fil-A on this Atlanta trip, or someone will pay. I’m missing both Grey’s Anatomy and the Office, which irks me immensely. I will have to catch up on both shows prior to dining with the urban family at church on Sunday night, because we like to do raucous impressions from the most recent Office episode. Aside: We also do the "Little Miss Sunshine" dance, but that’s a story for another time.

Speaking of members of my urban family, Jamie is taking me to see the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee tonight! I’ve got the tunes on my iPod but haven’t had the chance to see the show live… and actually, it’s been more than a month since my last rendezvous with Broadway so I am that much more excited. Also, Legally Blonde opens April 3 and Erin signed up to receive an alert the moment tickets go on sale. Luckily!

A few posts back I mentioned how it wasn’t so terribly cold. Well, now it’s bloody freezing. Before, when I thought my eyeballs were cold, I had no idea. This subzero thing plus 40 mph wind gusts is inhuman. I was trudging back from the gym last night, with only my eyeballs exposed, and it was so bitterly arctic that I had to close my eyes and trudge, but then the wind was whipping me all over the sidewalk. I looked like a blind, drunk Easter bunny sporting my two light pink scarves, pink hat and pink gloves. My hands were so cold once I got home, I couldn’t even unlock the door. I stood outside hollering for someone to open it, but I guess no one could hear me over the bitterness… The bitter cold, that is.

All in all, things are splendid. I’ve recently undertaken an interesting social experiment that I will share with you all at a later date. Mom and Erin are consulting with me and if nothing else, we are getting a good laugh. Stay tuned for details in May!

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Anonymous said...

see why we live in FLorida ?

Ang, you should have tried out for Legally BLonde!