Friday, February 16, 2007

G.R.I.T.S. & Snow - A Dangerous Combination

What’s a southern belle to do when the snow starts to fall? Cheerleading alumnus Morgee suggested I post a list of helpful hints for transplanted gals from the Sunshine State and its environs… et voila!

1. Take care of your pipes or you'll have to shower at the gym. Jessica M., D.C.

2. Don’t be a tourist and wear tennis shoes in the snow – buy waterproof boots. Erin B., Atlanta

3. Wear two scarves, one under your coat and one wrapped outside around your head. Lauren J., NYC

4. Don’t watch the Weather Channel. Does it help to know that it’s 5 below? No, it just makes it seem colder. Me, NYC

5. Don’t be the first person to cross the street – cars may not be able to stop on the ice. Mom, Jacksonville

6. Beware of yellow snow. Monga, my grandma, Jacksonville (circa 1990)

7. Step carefully or you might wind up face down in the slush, with your braces embedded in your lip. Erin B., Atlanta

8. Watch out for falling icicles. They’ve been known to kill people. Ralphie’s Mom, A Christmas Story

9. Layer! Monga, Jacksonville

10. Buy a $40 umbrella that won’t break. Erin D., NYC

What else? Any other Yankees want to share some tips to guide us into spring? We'd really like tips on sledding, snowman construction and snow angel development.


Jamie said...

love the new layout! you're fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Gloves and hats are not an option!