Friday, February 16, 2007

Proofreading for Fun and Profit, 101

In celebration of red-and-pink day this week, Google changed its homepage graphic to this.
Too bad it says Googe and not Google. I imagine whoever was supposed to proofread this ONE WORD is in a heap of trouble. It’s only six letters. How do you mess that up? It’s the name of your Web site! I almost didn’t catch it, because Googe is actually how I feel when I think of Valentine’s Day.

So, in honor of this prolific editing error, I propose we add Googe to our daily vernacular.

googe \GOO-j\, adjective, noun, verb

Try to use in a sentence today. For example, “Like, he’s such a Googe. He needs to get over himself,” or “Googe! I slipped on that pile of Googe,” or “I’m nauseous, I think I’m going to Googe.”

Feel free to share your own uses for Word-of-the-Day: GOOGE!

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