Monday, February 26, 2007

Trampoline Class

I've been taking this fab class at my gym called Rebounding... basically, you bounce around on a mini-trampoline for 45 minutes, incorporating rad's wicked awesome. I'm always so energized after I finish that I like to get back on the trampoline and do cheerleading jumps (also see the blog about why I'm single.) So I'm walking home on a 12-degree Saturday after a particularly grueling bouncing session, and I'm totally in the zone - we're talking tunnel vision bigtime. I'm trucking along at a solid 6 mph, listening to Pour Some Sugar on Me on my iPod, when I full-on mow down a woman and her friend, and their huge suitcases, who just happened to cross my path. It's like they weren't even there, and then smash!!

I was like, "Oh, oh, uh, err, huh?" And she was like, "Ma'am, oh I'm sorry!" And then I just started hysterically laughing and alternately gasping for air - I was so confused. I had to somehow escape the aforementioned "zone" and apologize profusely. The ladies were super nice... except the one actually said, "Wow, I'm glad you're not tall or you really could have hurt me." It always comes back to my shortness, doesn't it?!

In addition to Rebounding, tonight I went to yoga for the first time at my new gym. It really liked it and up until about 45 minutes in, I was thinking how I wasn't bored and my mind wasn't wandering all around like it usually does in yoga or pilates. (Well, I guess my mind was wandering if I was thinking about how my mind wasn't wandering, eh?) Anyhow, I was feeling at peace and "centered" until we sat on the floor with our legs out in front of us. The instructor then said, "Now just adjust your butt flesh," and of course I lost it. I had to drop my head into Praying Mantis pose, which I like to call "Laughing Immaturely" pose. I'm not even 11 years old and I laughed at"butt flesh." I've just never heard anyone say those two words together before. In response to my snickering, the instructor said, "Yes, sometimes we use funny words when we practice yoga." Yeah, butt flesh is pretty funny! I'm still chortling about that one. It's nice to feel like a kid again.

Have a great Tuesday!

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