Thursday, March 8, 2007

Broke in the Face

For all of you still uproariously laughing at my expense, yes, my face still hurts. Most providentially, I don’t have any visible bruising, but given the pain I’ve been in this week, I was beginning to think my jaw was somewhat fractured. However, since I continue to eat copious amounts of Pirates of the Caribbean fruit snacks, it must not be so. This is for sure the worst injury since the car accident last June, but as I mentioned, my teeth could have been knocked out. Therefore, I’m not complaining - just thanking God for his constant protection!

Speaking of God’s awesomeness, I have fab news! I’ve been informed that I will be returning to Bolivia as part of NorthPoint’s Mission Team 2007. There are 28 of us going this year and only a handful are prior missionaries to Santa Cruz. I’m excited about meeting the newbies at the retreat in May and I’m over-the-moon about seeing my Compassion child Issett, her brother Edwin and the rest of the Vaca family once we get to Bolivia in July. If you’re the praying type, please mention the team, our travels and our fundraising efforts in your chats with God.

One last thing – I’m going to Orlando to defrost my chattering bones for the weekend. Tomorrow morning, Erin and I are headed south to meet up with a gaggle of other Tridelts to witness Sharon’s nuptuals. Another one bites the dust. Sunday we’re eating at my most favorite restaurant – Ohana’s – at the Polynesian Resort. Bring on the luscious grilled meat skewers!

That said, there won’t be any new blogs for a couple of days… but don’t despair. Chances are that I’ll come back from the sorority reunion/wedding with all sorts of senselessness and absurdity to relay!

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