Monday, April 16, 2007

Bolivia 2005

As promised, I'm going to be posting some reminiscences of my past mission trips to Bolivia. My mission trip training retreat is this weekend in the mountains outside of Atlanta, so pray for the group's safety and unity as we prepare our hearts for the trip.

2005 - Construction

Our “mission” in Santa Cruz was to help with the ongoing construction project at Dios es Amor church. Some days, that meant pulling children off the scaffolding or stopping the toddlers from hitting other kids with metal bars. Other days, we spent hours hand-stretching rebar and sawing it with rudimentary tools. And even more importantly, we had “death-match” USA vs. Bolivia soccer tournaments – some of which I came out of with bruised and bloodied legs!

More than anything, our mission was to spend time ministering to the congregation at Dios es Amor church. Though they barely have enough money to properly feed and clothe their families, the generosity they shared is a lesson in how true Christians should act. It means so much more when it is a sacrifice to give – like it was in every instance for them. The amount of work that went into preparing our lunch every day amazed me. Each day, we had tasty home-cooked meals and we all ate them together, like one big, happy, Spanglish-speaking family.

Truly, the way they conduct their lives – as Christians no matter what the cost – is an inspiration. In the end, I think they were much more of a blessing to me than I was to them.

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