Thursday, May 17, 2007

To Date or Not to Date, Part 2

So, I signed up for and the first step was to create my online profile. I was tenaciously explicit about what I was looking for in a guy - under 35, never married and Christian were the main criteria. Why settle for less than exactly what I want, right? It seemed easy enough to check off some standard qualities and then wait for him to send a message. In theory, Mr. Right was just days away.

When messages and “winks” started to roll in, I wondered, “Can men in New York read?” With all the 42-year-old rabbis, 65-year-old unemployed surfers, single dads looking for mommies and guys who “found the god” inside themselves, I realized I must have somehow missed the check box for LITERACY. became a full-time job during the first month. I was reading every message I received, but as I mentioned, 95% of the guys emailing me were not compatible in any way. Out of the 5% who were somewhat well-matched on paper, I chose a handful to meet in person and see if they were Big Apple Angie material.

So how was the first date? Was he dreamy and fabulous? Stay tuned for details of Date No. 1.

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