Thursday, June 28, 2007

No Rest for the Weary

Every time I have a free moment, I think, “I should blog!” But I’ve been so wiped out, still recovering from two weeks in Florida and another in the Bahamas. Yes, I realize the irony of that last statement… but those were no languid vacations! Returning to New York has been surprisingly difficult for a number of reasons, but mostly I’m just plain worn out and don’t know enough about slowing down to catch my breath.

I’ve been busy as a bee since I got back to town, going from dinner to event to party to Dating Experiment Part 2… oh yeah, it’s back - this time with an unexpected twist that is just going to make you squeal…or make me look like a complete and total bonehead. Not sure when I’ll be able to blog this experience, but it will be worth the wait I’m sure.

This week has been so jam-packed that I actually sent my laundry out for someone else to do… and they brought it back the next day neatly folded and sparkly clean. If you think I’m ever doing my own laundry again, you are mistaken! Heaven sent!

Suffice it to say, all I want to do is sleep and I’m planning to try that this weekend. But there is much hubbub afoot that could prevent a restful slumber… we’re welcoming the newest Gator roommate to Apt. 1E tomorrow - Amy! Saturday I’ll be working hard on painting and whatnot for church followed by Lauren’s birthday bash that night. Sunday is a big church cookout and of course the service itself… and then I guess I’ll sleep. But I have to throw into the mix: packing for Bolivia, working out (no more Lucky Charms!), shopping for gifts for my Compassion child, missionary, bus driver and Bolivian pastor, foraging for food (seriously - I haven’t seen the inside of a grocery store in ages), cleaning my unkempt cesspool of a living area and reading at least two books. I suppose there are parts there that I could cut out, but I just don’t know how!

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still in the land of the living… and to check out some pictures from the Bahamas below. Ask me anytime for travel tips to those lovely islands!

Me on Pirates of the Caribbean shoot site

Enjoying the most beautiful water I've ever seen

That's not me! It's a swimming pig!

The view from my villa

My job can be exhausting

Pet sharks at Compass Cay Marina

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