Monday, June 11, 2007

Praise Report

As I'm sure most of you have heard by now, my Mom had coil embolization surgery on Friday morning. In a nutshell, that's when doctors thread platinum coils up through the femoral artery (in the leg) and up to the brain, effectively cutting off the unruptured aneurysm.

The surgery was a complete success and the surgeon said the results were perfect. Mom was chatting with us in ICU just a few hours after the procedure, and while she was groggy, achy and tired, we could already tell she was back to normal. God was with us through the months leading up to, and especially the morning of, the surgery.

I picked her up Saturday morning and we went to a hotel at Jacksonville Beach where she proceeded to sleep for 11 hours. In fact, Rachel and I were locked out of the hotel room (but at the pool!) for about 4 hours waiting for her to wake up... in the end, we had to get another key from the manager.

Now, Mom is home and we're trying to get her to rest and watch movies... but she's never happy unless she's busy. Thanks so much to everyone for the prayers, the cards, the care packages and the phone calls. It's amazing to see how much support we had during these trying few months and how much peace I personally felt as a result of it. I truly saw the Church in action!

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Hats off to Ms. Liz Orth! Wah hoooo!