Tuesday, June 5, 2007

To Date or Not to Date, Part 10

Hey, as most of you know, I'm home in Florida right now helping out at home before, during and after mom has surgery. But I didn't want to leave the Social Experiment up in the air... stay tuned for the wrap up over the next few days... and check out the worst, weirdest and wackiest messages I received. (Inner monologue italicized)

1. Do you speak the language of love? Say whaaa?
2. I noticed that you stopped by my profile... You know, if you waited around a bit longer I would have brewed a nice hot cup of tea. :) A hot virtual cup of tea? Am I missing something?
3. You are very kissable. Um, how the heck would you know?
4. I read your profile and I feel we might be a good match since both of us are very involved in what we are doing and we both are looking for something different in our lives so you can get a break from your ph. d studies and I can get a break from my work. Yeah, I’m working really hard on my Ph. D. studies… what?
5. I’d love to hang out and see if we’re compatible. I personally feel that you cannot really have an opinion or cannot like or dislike someone until you’ve met them. Buddy, you’d be surprised. For instance, I already don’t like you!
6. [Day after Gator Championship #3] Are you still hungover? Just got back....from drinking at the Alehouse (in Gainesville)...fun down there. 2 years in a row...Congrats!. We should get to know one another. Nice to see you go to church every sunday same here. Perhaps we can have a date and go to mass : ) Another one who can't read... I’m not Catholic, so I probably won't be hanging out at Mass.
7. One of my dreams in life is to buy an antique ice cream truck fill it up with goodies and drive around to all the rougher neighborhoods and give it all away. Isn't that special?!
8. God is the center of my universe, and I believe without God there would not be a universe. Everything is here for a reason and I believe quite simply, that the universe is evidence that God exists. Without God, there wouldn't and shouldn't be a universe. I could go on quite a bit with this because I am always thinking about what its all about, and I try to live everyday the way I think God would want me to be. I believe in miracles too. You also believe in run-on sentences!
9. By the way, looking at your smile in these pictures is like looking at a bunch of daisies. I bet you light up a room like nobodies business! I appreciate the sentiment, sort of. I don’t really do cheese.
10. Hello. Need a friend? Absolutely not.
11. Looking to find a wife by Christmas... :))... ok... do you want to get married?...please? What’s that smell? Desperation? Or is it just the stench of excess ellipses and emoticons?
12. You'll have a never ending smile with me : ) That’s not a smile. It’s a scowl. Goodbye.
13. Wow! You are so damn adorable! Be careful what you wish for or you will be waking up in my arms and I will be making you Breakfast in Bed. You would melt! Let me make clear that at no point did I, nor would I for that matter, ever wish to wake up in this strange guy’s arms. I would melt? Yes, of shame and repugnance.
14. On April 5 I love the shot in the cowboy hat. How r u I see NY NY U live cool where abouts? First of all, can I get a translator? Then again on April 9 Love the cowboy hat. Hit me back. No. I didn’t like you on April 5, I don’t like you on April 9, no matter how much you love my cowboy hat.
15. You make me chuckle and blush. You make me heave and wretch.

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Jamie said...

#7: One of my life dreams is to capture rainbows in jars and give them away to lonely only children. I call it "Prisms for the Privileged."

Please set me up with the ice cream truck fellow. I think we might be soul mates.