Friday, June 1, 2007

To Date or Not to Date, Part 9

Here are a few messages I received that may give you some insight into the way I think, and why this whole dating thing is not working for me. I don't do "cheese." Compliments are super and necessary, but they've got to be sincere and not dripping with syrupy-suckup-insincerity. I will say that many people are into this sort of talk, and to that I say, more power to ya!

Just had to tell you that you are blessed with a most wonderful smile! You look like a fun person that has lots of life in her. Sorry I'm not in your age group, so good luck and keep smiling because you’re a catch!

You lost me at LOOK OUT:
You should get paid for the smile you pack..WOW...I loved what you wrote and I just HAD to say hello. I can talk your ear off so LOOK OUT! I work for Playdough and I am the lead guy in charge of green. Isn't that just the coolest job??? All the free green playdough one could want..WOW...

Totally not my style:
hey there, how are you? i want to tell you that i love your smile and would love to enjoy it even more as you dance with me sometime later this week in a club somewhere, anywhere =) your eyes remind me of everytime i look at the sky on a beautiful day and think to myself that it looks like God himself must have painted it there. u have a wonderful outlook on life from what I have read so far and def wanna get to know you a lot more, so lets get caught dancin somewhere and maybe i can show u the best time of your life! =)

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