Monday, July 30, 2007

Un Poco Mas de Bolivia

A Big Surprise
I should have paid attention in 8th grade math… Trying to buy paint was a smidge difficult…let's just say converting paint from gallons to liters to cover an unknown number of yards that had to be converted to meters was way outside of my comfort zone. Mrs. Shea was right.

Best Project

Painting la cancha (the sports court) at the public high school in three hours... but maybe it was painting the flowery sunshine mural with Dave on the brick wall... or it might have been watering the plants (my Michael-designated job.)

A Time I Felt God's presence
When Edwin & David sang "How Great is Our God" at our goodbye party… Edwin wants so badly to come to the U.S. and play music. I bawled when they sang because I'm just so proud of him and the man he's growing up to be.

A Message from Pastor Dilmar
Don’t ask God for daily bread if you're not willing to share it. (If you can't say Amen to that, better say ouch!)

Best Night

The night Michelle, Mary, Kathleen, Laurie, Rob, Dave and I stayed at the Vacas house... our awesome sing-a-long in Edwin's room...sharing a twin bed with Michelle...when Rob poked his head in our room and crowed like a rooster the next morning…when Mary woke up and hollered, GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE, and I said, HUSH YOURSELF, I NEED A MOMENT...

Worst Idea

Babes of Bolivia Fundraising Calendar

A Lesson I Learned
Don't be skerred! In 2005, I was nervous to speak lots of Spanish and I totally regretted it. This year, I was almost too scared to sing with "the band," but it turned out to be fun... off key or not! The lesson being: boldly use the gifts God gave you - whether foreign language or karaoke!

Best Meal

That's tough… but I have to say Braseargent Brazilian Steakhouse. Y'all know about my weakness for grilled meat skewers. No. 2 was Eli's BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Something I Learned to Appreciate

Best Part About Speaking Spanish
Lots of my teammates don't... mwa-ha-ha. It made clandestine boy conversations with Michelle much easier... no need to whisper!

The Best In-Flight Movie
Blades of Glory

Something I Never Want to Do Again

Count off

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