Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Viva Bolivia

Manana esta el dia cuando voy a Bolivia!
Tomorrow is the day that I leave for Bolivia!

Actually, I head out this afternoon... first to Atlanta, where the inimitable former coworker Amy Button will pick me up and take me home for the night. After giggling ourselves to sleep, I will wake up in about three hours to get up and head to the airport with Amy's sister, one of my cohorts for this year's mission trip. Small world, eh?!

Tomorrow, we'll fly from Atlanta to Miami to La Paz to Santa Cruz, from summer to winter, northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere, English to Spanish, over Florida, the Caribbean, the Equator and the Amazon River.

As you can probably tell, I'm excited to be heading back, but I feel uncharacteristically unprepared and a little anxious. With all the insanity of the past months, mom's surgery, press trips and random drama, I've hardly been able to dwell on how happy it makes me to go down and visit the Bolivians, especially the Vacas. But as soon as I leave the office today, I'm turning off the angry New Yorker in me and turning on the Spanish-speaking, construction-working missionary you all know and love. (It's harder than you think. I made pancake smorgasbord dinner for my roommates on Monday to practice being nice, but I was still kinda sarcastic and mean.)

I would be remiss if I didn't thank each and every one of you who donated money toward the trip and toward Edwin's guitar pedal gift, and for the prayers!!

I'll do my best to blog a little every few days, just so you know I'm alive. Please pray God's protection over the team, that we'll be healthy, safe and nice to each other! Adios amigos!

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