Monday, August 27, 2007

Hodgie & Quijibo Come to NYC

My siblings are coming to NYC on Thursday to celebrate their recently passed 22nd and upcoming 14th birthdays, and I'm so jazzed I can't sit still. How can I be expected to work at a time like this? Adding fuel to my ADD fire, my office is moving across town at the end of this week and I'm on the move committee… which means on top of an uber-busy work-week, I've got extra meetings to attend, parties to plan, gift bags to prepare and snackies to obtain. Sure, it's not brain surgery, but it is vexing when all I really want to do is hang out on the treadmill until the kids arrive!

So here's our rough itinerary rundown: we've got tickets to Blue Man Group, Rent and the Accomplice:NY tour I blogged about a couple of months ago. We'll hit up the major tourist attractions, especially the two grande museums that bookend Central Park - my sibs are way smart despite oft-presented evidence to the contrary and RaeRae is going to go bananas at the Met. We'll make the TV rounds, swinging by Good Morning America and the Today Show, and we'll take Times Square by storm… in particular M&M World and Toys R' Us. I'm super excited about our dinner reservations the night we see Rent… we're going to the much-heralded restaurant SpotlightLive. **From -- Following in the footsteps of today's hottest stars, sing on stage accompanied by professional backup singers and dancers. At Spotlight Live you can cut a hit record in private recording booths and perform "on Broadway" while having it all broadcast to the world online, and live in Times Square on the Spotlight Live Jumbo Tron. Diners can even vote on their favorite performance, instant message other tables, and post comments online using touch-screens at each table** Yes, it says live band, professional backup dancers and a reality-TV component… the recipe for Angie's dream come true.

Since Alex was here in November, he's a little miffed that his vacation won't involve loafing about on the couch, but we must consider that RaeRae needs to experience Big Apple in the biggest way. (Being the leggy gorgeous sister that she is, I might try parading her around the Fashion District… perhaps we can get her signed while she's here.) We are going to have a leisurely Central Park picnic one day, so that should appease Alex. Hopefully we can keep him out of the lake this time. I've got to stock up on cereal, the only food group that counts when we're together, and buy my first gallon of milk in the history of my life in NY. Apt. 1E members actually discussed this weekend if it is possible to purchase a full gallon of milk in this city… such a thing has never been done!

Does anyone have additional suggestions that could entertain all of us? We've got a packed schedule, but it's open to interpretation.

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