Friday, September 7, 2007

September Poll

You may be aware that I think about my hair color quite a bit. It's moderately unhealthy to think about it so much, though thinking about the color is considerably less dangerous than changing it... which I do frequently. (It may explain the headaches... but I digress.)

September's poll begs the age-old question: Which of my hair colors did you prefer? I may actually take these results into consideration when making my next choice, so please take the time to participate in this significant and useful poll.

Pictures included here for reference:


Jamie said...

New look for the blog! No more Elle Woods? I like "0 thoughtul musings" and "Links to similarly enchanting posts." Oh, and I voted for red! :)

Anonymous said...

Your poll thing is not working. YOu look mahveluus in all colors. If you have enough makeup on.