Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Song of the Day - Day 1

I think I've mentioned before that my life would only be better if it were a musical. That is, if strangers on the subway, coworkers in their cubicles or roommates on the couch broke out into song simultaneously while dancing a highly choreographed routine, I would be so happy that I might literally die - or float away on a cloud - or sing in the street - or dance a merry jig.

Alas, that dream is beyond unrealistic (though perhaps in heaven, it will be thus) heretofore I've decided to put my daily life to music in another way. Inspired by my favorite blogger and dear friend Jamie, I'm instituting a new 30-day initiative for Big Apple Angie. Each day for the next 30, I will post the song title that best describes my experiences each day. No, it doesn't serve a purpose - but it will be fun!

And not to worry, readers! This project won't deter from regularly scheduled blog posts!

Today's Song: Bang The Drum All Day
by Todd Rundgren

I don't want to work
I just want to bang on these drums all day.

I encourage you to post the song that best describes your day , too! Let's get some crowd participation out there =)

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Audrey said...

I am so freakin' jealous of your job, it is not even funny. Please sign me up for any occupation where I can travel the world and call it "work!" Had to catch up on your blog when I got back in town and as usual, it does not disappoint. Have a blast in Hawaii - I'll be looking for you on next year's Shark Week.