Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's Up: By The Numbers

4 Number of days I was blue because the Gators lost to LSU
1 LSU’s ranking before losing to Kentucky this week

2 Consecutive high-fives I slapped with Kelly when Kentucky won in Triple OT

6 Number of times I spoke with my sister last week
3 Number of times I emailed with Edwin in Bolivia last week
0 Number of times I spoke with my brother last week

3 Number of friends/relatives I wished Happy Birthday on Oct. 10
2 Number of roommates with birthdays next week
31 Days until my birthday

2.5 Number of hours it took for the Glamour stylists to make me magazine ready
26 Number of minutes it took to actually snap the photos
487 Cost of the blue dress I wore in the first set of shots

235 Current cost of a flight home for Florida/Georgia weekend
2 Number of friends who had babies in the last two weeks
10 Number of friends coming to visit between now and the end of the year

11 Number of hours it took to get my initial scuba certification
3 Number of hours I spent at the bottom of the John Jay College pool learning to breathe and maintain neutral buoyancy
100 Maximum number of feet a recreational diver may descend
4 Days until I leave for the Bahamas
5 Number of bathing suits I already packed

1 Number of 20th Anniversary Shark Week DVDs given to me by Lauren last week
56 Number of confirmed unprovoked shark attacks on divers in the 1990s

2 Weeks since I first donned the boot
6 Weeks until the boot comes off
3 Number of women who've offered me a seat on the subway
0 Number of men who've offered me a seat on the subway

39 Days until I leave for Hawaii for my first true vacation in years
50 Temperature in NYC right now
85 Temperature in the Bahamas right now

2 Number of gym classes I’m taking in the morning
3 Minutes until I’m in bed

Good night!

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