Sunday, November 11, 2007

Song of the Day - Day 12

Popular, by Nada Surf

I directly pilfered my breakup advice to RaeRae from today's song choice, right down to the intonation of the words. I was strangely satisfied that knowing every line of this very fun song from the 90s finally paid off. You only have to watch the first minute or so for the breakup advice...

Three important rules for breaking up
Don't put off breaking up when you know you want to
Prolonging the situation only makes it worse
Tell him honestly, simply, kindly, but firmly
Don't make a big production
Don't make up an elaborate story
This will help you avoid a big tear-jerking scene
If you wanna date other people, say so
Be prepared for the boy to feel hurt and rejected
Even if you've gone together for only a short time,
And haven't been too serious,
There's still a feeling of rejection
When someone says she prefers the company of others
To your exclusive company,
But if you're honest and direct,
And avoid making a flowery emotional speech when you break the news,
The boy will respect you for your frankness,
And honestly he'll appreciate the kind of straight foward manner
In which you told him your decision
Unless he's a real jerk or a crybaby, you'll remain friends

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