Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thanks & Love!

I’m having so much fun being in Glamour! Catching up with old friends who have called or emailed to say they saw me made putting my weight in print worth it =)

Here are some fave comments so far:

What amuses me the most is reading what you ate on Sunday and knowing darn well that that is in fact what you ate on Sunday.

Gotta tell you how proud Papa & I continue to be....and of course I've sent it to some our friends.

That is the cutest picture ever! We are very excited to buy up lots of copies.


Way to represent. You don't need to lose 10lbs though. (Bless you!)

Oh, and the whole 10 lb thing...you're crazy! Enjoy those weekends...you look great. (Bless you!)

Love the pic! Eating is an art :)

YOU, Miss Lady, are ridiculous!!!!

WOW you never stop amazing me.

How come your weekday diet didn't include salad with ketchup like they eat at the Delta?

Congrats on the spread...I will be sure to pick it up, place it on my coffee table, and tell everyone that my beautiful cousin is in it! I am so proud!

You are a diva! : )

Work that calzone girl!!

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