Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Clean Slate

Happy New Year, dear readers! It’s amazing how quickly the years fly by the older we get, isn’t it? In a flash, 2007 came and went and now all we have to remember it by are photo albums, memories and scars. It’s bittersweet closing the 2007 chapter because by and large, it was a great year.

Reminiscing with friends last night however, I confess I am glad to leave behind last year’s challenges and move on to 2008 with a clean slate and a nice long list of resolutions. I fully intend to blog more frequently than I have been, because the satisfaction of my 12 loyal and habitual readers is very important to me!

Even though my 2008 kicked off rather less well than I’d hoped, fortunately I don’t subscribe to the notion that whatever you’re doing or whomever you’re with at the stroke of midnight indicates how the rest of the year will go. I’ve spent enough New Year’s Eves with folks who never popped up the rest of the year to know that theory is hogwash.

Every year brings its own new set of challenges and blessings, and I look forward to sharing all the funny ones with you here on the blog. May God bless you in 2008 and always!

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