Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hi, folks. It's me, Big Apple Angie. Of course it's me, it's my blog. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being loyal readers and to let you know on your behalf, I am committed to having at least one wacky experience this week. I feel like I've been so focused on my book proposal that I haven't given you all the attention you deserve. While it's no excuse, I must tell you that nothing exciting happens to a gal when she's either at the gym or sitting in her room typing away on a bazillion page book pitch. (Oh wait! I think something cool did happen at the gym tonight! I had another celeb sighting, maybe. I am 75 percent sure that I saw the weird villain from LOST coming out of the stretching room. But wouldn't he live in L.A. or Hawaii? Maybe not, if he's doing projects in New York during the writers strike. But I digress.) I promise that I will wander around this metropolis until I get something juicy to share, so stay tuned for that as soon as it happens.

Check out the new poll to the right of this post and vote as you please. So far, only one person wants me to move to Jacksonville and I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's my mom or grandma. I don't know who wants me to move to Kenya, but either they know I like Africa or they want me to die. (Don't you watch the news?!) Also, I have posted my 2008 Christmas list as it stands today, less than a month after Christmas 2007. It never hurts to start budgeting, my loyal readers and gift buyers =)

One last thing: I'd like to solicit a guest blog or two so if you're interested, inquire within. I think it might be time to hear from Antoinette again, eh?


Anonymous said...

I took you somewhere cool...why havent you blogged about that yet?

Anonymous said...

It was me that wanted you to move back to Jax.
Love ya Jordan

Anonymous said...

Twas your Monga that said Europe !
Always nice to have someone to go visit....and cheaper too. How about Rome Ang..?

Anonymous said...

Just get your butt home already.