Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grocery Shopping is for Commoners

2008 is off to a nice start. In this case, nice = boring. I suppose it's my own fault that nothing exciting has happened yet. Take this weekend for instance: instead of going out on Saturday night, Kelly, Amy and I pulled out our living room couch's bed, ate some snackies and empanadas and cozied up for an 8-hour marathon TV sesh. If it wasn't exciting, it was certainly cheap!

On Saturday afternoon, I did manage to go to Whole Foods to spend the $200 gift card I won from there a month ago. That grocery store is quite possibly my least favorite place in New York City, though it is a frequent celebrity sighting hotspot. Of course, there was no one famous there when I was suffering in its sucky-people crowded aisles, and I almost gave up and gave my gift card to one of those pretentious schmoes poring over organic tofu skim spinach latte choices because it was such a grating experience. Whole Foods is the Canal Street of granola-eaters. Mom called while I was there and upon hearing the ruckus, asked, "Are you in a bar?"

To be fair, I hear Whole Foods is actually a nice place to shop when there's enough room to maneuver your cart. In the Columbus Circle location however, there are hundreds of people swarming about like angry organic, specially formulated honeybees, and the drones kept shoving their carts thoughtlessly onto my broken heel and elbowing me as I tried to find $200 worth of anything to finish off the gift card so I would never have to come back.

I ended up just buying beauty products because I couldn't stand to be in the food department with all the crazies. Unfortunately, I still had to stand in the ever-loving insanely long line... this line was like summer at Disney World, wrap-around-the entire store, take a number and come back in three hours long. At least I finished off the gift card and now have exceedingly shiny hair, soft, exfoliated skin, minty-smelling feet and shimmery lips - though at press time I am darn hungry since I still don't have any food.

The two times I left the apartment today were a smidge more interesting than Friday and Saturday nights. I recently watched the movie "Music and Lyrics" with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, and lo and behold, who showed up at my gym today? No, not Hugh, not Drew... Jason Antoon. Who the heck is that, you ask? He's the guy who played the lyricist in the movie... at least, I'm 90% sure it was him. I'll get Amy to watch for him on her next trip to the gym to confirm or deny this report. So it's not like Hugh Grant goes to my gym (OMG), but I guess it will do for this weekend o' dullness.

On my way to church I saw this fellow in the subway - um, in a word, THRILLING.

Anyways, I'm going back to writing my book proposal... I've been locking myself away every night trying to hammer it out by the end of the month. So forgive me if absolutely nothing of interest happens besides non-Hugh Grant sightings and quirky subway performances...

Big Apple Angie

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