Monday, January 28, 2008

Killing Me Softly... With Your Singing

On Saturday night, I temporarily came out of hibernation so Amy and I could check out some of New York's finest establishments. Though we met some cute Manchester boys and had a fun time watching a very cool mixologist with a handlebar mustache, the best part of the night happened at the end.

We stopped at the 24-hour deli on our corner for some late night sandwiches, oreos and cheddar and sour cream chips. When Killing Me Softly (the Fugees version) came on the radio, Amy, the two deli guys (whose first language is NOT English) and I sang it together, complete with unintelligible warbling of la la la la la laaaa, oooooh oh, la la la, ooooh oh oh, laaa aaa aaaa. I'd love to get the tape from their security camera - then again, maybe not. As we left the deli-turned-karaoke bar, it was snowing big fabulous snowflakes. I LOVE NEW YORK.

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