Saturday, February 23, 2008

My First Sled Experience - And I Didn't Get Hurt!

Erin (an expert sledder), Lauren, Sarah and I (all first timers) went sledding at Pilgrim Hill in Central Park on Saturday and it was AMAZING. Even though the rest of the city was melty, the park was still covered in snow and Pilgrim Hill was the ideal location to hurtle my body speedily down an icy cliff. Erin found some cool sledding tubes on Friday, and upon arriving at the big hill we began to blow them up. Hours later, we were lightheaded and ready to ascend the hill with the rest of the 9-year-olds in Manhattan.

After we got to the top, I decided that it was a pretty stupid idea. After all, my foot is still broken/tendonitissed and I have a history of getting hurt in New York. But after watching Erin sled successfully and even after seeing some 2-year-olds run into trees at high speed, I decided that despite the risks, I'd regret it if I didn't try it out. Erin gave me a big push and down I went, screaming, shrieking and laughing for the full 45 seconds as I spun around backwards and flew down the hill into a big pile of slush at the bottom. SO KILLER! I went back up the hill (small mountain!) and did it about 10 more times. Then some kids and their nice dad let us borrow their high-tech, unfathomably rad steerable sleds and that's when my life changed for the better. It was like a video game - you could actually aim the sled at people who were in the way and watch them run as you chased them down on your icy vehicle of terror. I turned too fast a couple times and my body went sliding off the sled, but I held on to the handles and kept it together. Face first is kinda scary, but I'm proud to say I didn't get hurt at all, even that time I shot out over the rocks and caught air. Woot, a Big Apple Angie first! More pictures to come...

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Anonymous said...

LOL ! Based on the picture of you, I'm thanking God that you didn't strangle yourself. Gees..