Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Airports Are For The Birds

First, I've made it safely to my first island of the trip and am awaiting a delicious feast of conch in an hour. Today we toured this precious perfume factory and the two journalists made custom scents for their wives - so cute! Bahamians call stray dogs 'potcakes' and one guy named his fragrance "Potcake Passion," which sort of unromantically evokes dogs... making... whooopie. That's all I'm saying about that.

Now, on to my travel experiences for the day. The first person I spoke with at 5 this morning was my car service driver. Two things to note: I was in the car with him all of 20 minutes and I've never met this man in my life. Suddenly, as strangers are wont to do in my presence, he started doling out advice. Sticking notably in my mind is this nugget, "You need to get a boyfriend." Thanks, Mr. Car Driver Man. Why didn't I think of that? Oh, wise cabbie, your words are pure golden genius. Fie.

Next, at Fort Lauderdale airport... I think a lady died while I was there. Over the loudspeaker we heard, "Do not be alarmed, this is only a test. We are conducting emergency preparedness drills." Ok, no biggie. Then we heard audible misery coming from the waiting area. "Wow," I said. "They really act out those drills realistically." We saw a hand waving in the air and I just thought someone was performing his/her duty as the faux "victim." Upon further investigation, I realized we were seeing a woman who may have actually, truly been leaving this world in front of our eyes. She was super duper old, very frail and possibly was hallucinating... she just kept wailing as her traveling companions eventually laid her out on the floor. I'm not sure what happened to her in the end because we went to grab some lunch, and when we came back she was gone. So yeah, that was a really strange experience to share with two strangers on the way to the Bahamas.

Then, as we ate lunch, we noticed a long, rolled-up tube propped up under our table. It kinda resembled a pipe. Or a pipe bomb. We reported it and peaced the heck out of the area. About an hour later we heard another loudspeaker announcement, "If you've left your architectural plans under a table, please retrieve them at the security desk." Whew.

Anyhow, we finally made it to the island and I'm already chillin'. Off to get my complimentary welcome cocktail by the pool. That's all for now!

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