Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

Today was the best Monday ever. It started out pretty much like all Mondays… not sleeping the night before because my mind is racing with all I have to do, waking up tired and cranky, commuting sullenly on the E train. Knowing I was headed home to Florida on Friday was the only thing sustaining me. That is, until this afternoon. My colleague Judith had been planning a work trip to a tropical island (you know the one) for several months. Yesterday, she decided she couldn't go because she's super busy with another big project. She begged and pleaded and apologized, asking me if I wouldn't mind taking her place. It was a tough decision, so I thoughtfully weighed the pros and cons. I could stay on the island I'm already on, enjoying the blissful 30 degree weather, upcoming wintry mix and healthy food that I've been forcing myself to eat, or I could bail on winter, hop a jet to not one, but two tropical islands and a private waterfront suite. I could go snorkeling, horseback riding on the beach and sea kayaking followed by decadent noshing on cracked conch, conch salad, conch soup, conch ceviche, conch fritters and lobster. I waffled back and forth for an everlasting .142 seconds before coming to the unselfish conclusion that I would make the sacrifice and help out my coworker. I'm headed back to the Caribbean first thing Wednesday!

And that's not the only good thing that happened yesterday… but the rest is meant for in-person conversations and heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving, not worldwide blog emissions. Inquire within if you're so inclined...

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Unknown said...

Way to go keep me hanging, did you fall in love find Mr. right or both,
get a big raise win the lottery. Get
a job on said island in the tropics.
I could ask your mom but it's better
hearing it the way you put it.